Arm idioms

İngillizce Deyimler:
Up in arms: Ayaklanmış, protesto eden, ateş püsküren.
Rising up in anger; very angry. (Also literal when actual weapons are involved.)
My father was really up in arms when he got his tax bill this year. The citizens were up in arms, pounding on
the gates of the palace, demanding justice.

Would give one’s right arm: (for someone or something) would be willing to give something of great value in exchange for someone or something.
I’d give my right arm for a nice cool drink. I’d give my right arm to be there.

Twist s.o.´s arm: (Fiil) Birini zorlamak/mecbur etmek. To force or persuade someone.
At first she refused, but after I twisted her arm a little, she agreed to help. I didn’t want to run for mayor, but everyone twisted my arm.

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